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Hi EveryOne,

As the much talked about solar eclipse approaches, on 21st August, I wanted to bring your attention to the power of living practically. I wanted to use this opportunity to do some inner housekeeping to sort and declutter any unresolved emotional ‘stuff’ – baggage that is better left behind rather than continue to be lugged around – and I wondered if you might want to do it with me?… I don’t profess to know a lot about astrological events but the basics are enough to highlight for me that a major solar eclipse is foretelling major change, making it an auspicious time to let go!… Living practically, enables me to let go :)

No matter how uncomfortable change can be, if we teach ourselves to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, stretch ourselves just enough to step out of our comfort zone, life gets easier because we are living what we are learning – which enables us to let go. That’s not to say life will always be smooth, of course not. But it gives us a better ability to cope with the rollercoaster affect. Practical Living is to put into practice what we say we will do. To finish what we start. To practice what we preach or ‘walk the talk’. And at the end of the day, be able to let it all go… ’Hoarding’ our words stifles our intentions and instead of putting them into practical action, they lay waste (inner and outer clutter that engulfs us). Too many unfinished projects can impact heavily on our confidence, our motivation, our relationships and on our life.  An eclipse is also a good reminder that it takes courage to let go and courage to walk the talk – but to trust that when we show courage, aid comes in a number of obvious as well as subtle forms. So take advantage of this event and declutter. Practice brings experience and experience brings wisdom, allowing for healthier choices and clearer decisions. Life begins to unwind, turning complicated situations into manageable and doable chunks :)

As boring as being practical ‘appears’ to many, it is however an inner power, a virtue. Such a strength in fact, that it will propel you in whatever direction you wish to go, when you practically apply it! Otherwise your heart and mind clutter over, and you won’t be able to see a way forward. When we remain practical, we can keep bringing in the new. Change is the only constant in our magnificent world and in order to stay in control of our own life, we must flow with it – not resist it – or it will be difficult to change, especially if we see ourselves as victims. We lose the ability to choose and we lose our free will… If I want joy, I must create it. If I want peace, I must be it. If I want stability in my life I must stabilise my mind and my body, to enable me to flow with this ever-changing scenery called life. Complaining resolves nothing. Blaming resolves nothing. Self pity resolves nothing. Getting weighed down by emotion only serves to render our practical skills ineffective. Practical living means I get the job done with a loving heart, regardless how I feel.

Practical living is proof. I’m not talking about proof as in material wealth or status. I’m saying that we must imbibe what we learn if we are to ever ‘get it’…We learn and grow, then teach and flow – then learn and grow some more … It means to not rest on our laurels, to not become complacent in our own spiritual development – ever! When we become ‘too busy’ in the outer world to keep our inner sanctum clean (to take care of our inner needs) we run into trouble because we miss the meaning of the lesson, and start going against our own will. This is how sabotage becomes a pattern for many. Regularly turning inward is a wonderfully simple way to stay more practical in our living. Inwardly turned, I can breathe. I can re-charge. I can think clearer – so I can do what I must do physically – with confidence, love and respect…

Understanding life intellectually won’t get us very far if we are not prepared and willing to put realisations into action. We must act on (play out) our beautiful inner creations if we are to see practical proof in our lives. Scientists need proof for evidence. To consciously put our positive thoughts only, into a practical form (into action) is an art – a science :)

Question: Do you walk the talk (do as you say)?  If not, why not?

Consideration: Why might you find it easier to talk about change rather than to BE that change?

Action: This month make effort to only speak about things you are realistically able to do or are already doing, and are able to finish. Otherwise breathe… so you can think before you speak! With practice – the more you do, the less you need to speak about it or prove it to others – because your actions will speak for themselves :)

Happy practicing everyone, love Annemarie x

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