Contentment is true wealth!… Hi EveryOne and welcome to our 42nd Power… After last month’s power, that tested many of us (including me at times) this power may also challenge us to check where we’re truly at… So I remind you, please be gentle with yourself, this group is meant to support, encourage and uplift, to help us make some changes in our life to empower ourselves and those around us – NOT weigh us down. It’s meant to serve as a base from where we can start anew and grow… You know, the more I understand myself on a spiritual level, the more I realise everything we’ve been taught is upside down – so naturally being turned the right way up will shake a few things up… Some ‘stuff’ will stubbornly cling on and will need a bit more of a shake up – which if not ready, we may resist. Other ‘stuff’ will come to light that we may not want to look at, but so empowering when we face it head-on… And still other ‘stuff’, will readily fall away, simply because it’s time and we’re using courage to finish it!… Our whole meaning for life can be up for question – for me personally though, it’s definitely paying off :)

So never use force with self transformation, but gently and lovingly keep stretching your boundaries – baby step by baby step… Why? Because YOU are worth it!

Our 42nd Power – Power to be Content…

** The Power to be Content is the ability to stay full. Able to appreciate all the inner and outer beauty, keeps me filled and never lacking in anything – no need to search for more. Remaining full and even overflowing, allows me to continually give to others.

Contentment is such a wonderful strength
it leaves me satisfied – not wanting more.
While I still search for something else,
tells me I’m still empty deep in my core.
So check yourself today, and ask –
am I content and feeling satisfied?…
Am I still looking for something else –
or am I content, enjoying my worldly ‘ride’?

** I am the Cornucopia – Content because I am constantly full and satisfied, I overflow and always able to give to anyone in need, without ever seeking a return..…

** Supporting Virtues: Beauty, Love, Enthusiasm, Discernment, Simplicity, Determination

1. Contentment is different to happiness, it’s more stable and continuous because it stems from an inner fullness.
2. When I’m continuously looking for more, simply means I’m empty (lost sight of my spiritual identity)… Greed stems from discontentment (an emptiness inside) – there’s obvious greed and there’s very subtle greed!
3. Aim for contentment, not happiness… Though there’s nothing wrong with happiness, its a bit elusive in that it fluctuates. It’s an illusion to be happy all the time but the more you work internally, you can become constantly content.

Questions to churn:
1. Am I truly satisfied? If not, why not? (honesty is key here – for your own growth, not for anyone else)
2. Am I always searching for more – still searching for that something else? Why?
3. Do my moods fluctuate – happy for a bit, then down for a bit?…

You know, people used to see me as one of those ‘constantly happy people’ which I now know is not possible – they never saw the tears behind closed doors for we were taught to always smile in public… At some point you have to come down, it’s the law of change and the extent of any human emotion! Happiness is an emotion that is subject to external stimuli, it’s not a constant internal feeling. Happiness comes from an external ‘high’ with which of course comes many lows! Happiness contains ups and downs! But contentment is an internal calm that is so much more sustaining. When I learned to become content, for a while I actually thought something was wrong – I was missing that ‘high’ – but once understood, contentment is so much stronger, satisfying and long-lasting :)

Happy Contentment, love as always, Annemarie x

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