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Dull grey sky, with not single living being in sight, it seemed as if I had been driving along the highway for hours, when suddenly a sign caught my eye, ‘STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE! That’s exactly what I needed! Pulling into the rest stop, I immediately felt drawn to a woman sitting outside her caravan, in the most serene manner, as if she didn’t have a worry in the world. But it wasn’t just that which stood out for me. It was the purple book she held, with a diamond on the cover (after all, diamonds are a girls best friend-lol!) Before I could look away, as if tuning into her sixth sense, she looked up and sweetly smiled at me. Her name is Annemarie De Seriere. Very soon we were sharing our stories, as if catching up after years of being lost at the Kumbh ka mela (a mass Hindu pilgrimage in which Hindus gather at the River Ganges) What Annemarie had to share contained a wealth of wisdom based on her ‘hadd bitti’ (personal experiences), “In December 2010 my partner, Colin and I sold our house on the Sunshine Coast and bought a caravan. The idea was to serve others with spiritual healing, by sharing what we knew, via author talks and workshops on *Will to Wonder, whilst sustaining ourselves by picking up jobs working around Australia. Early on in my life, I learnt to use journaling as a valuable tool that aided me in ‘letting go’. It was my search for truth-Why do relationships fail? What if there is more to life? How do we get there? Who am I really? After a lot of self introspection and going through the vibgyor of experiences that I understood that I had to stop being a people pleaser and learn to love myself. With an aim to recoup my personal power, self respect became as vital to me as breathing. Soon, the journaling began to take the form of a book. Eighteen months later I was cradling what I had nurtured and was now ready to share with the Universe-Will to Wonder. As ʻSpiritual Travellersʼ, our journey in life, is filled with wonder… and challenges, but magic happens when we in turn embrace the lessons life teaches us. Changing thoughts of doubt into thoughts of determination keep you open to change, attracting help along the way. A fine example of this is a recent episode-we had been invited to do a workshop in Tamworth, but thereafter hadn’t received response to set the dates. I decided to let of yearning for it to happen and instead ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ Releasing uncertainty allowed a smooth change of direction. It turned out that Tamworth was preparing for floods, whilst I was subtly being ʻpulledʼ to Melbourne to co-facilitate an empowering workshop. That’s exactly how and why we are meeting on this highway, my dear Guneeta. So what next?… As I say to my children, “Follow your heart – take only the experience and travel light”. Excerpt from Will to Wonder: “To minimise does not mean I am somehow failing in life, it does not mean I have to do without. It simply means choosing not to accumulate unnecessary ʻstuffʼ”. * Will to Wonder, 21 Jewels of Knowledge: principles on the loss and recovery of power is available in most Australian bookstores and through








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