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As we fast approach the end of another year (a time when life appears to speed up) while simultaneously nearing the end of a 9 year universal cycle, it pays to slow down and take a breath… To take stock of the emotional ‘stuff’ we wish to leave behind in 2016 – so that we don’t unwittingly take it with us into 2017 (and lug it around for the next 9 years, out of habit). If we are too rushed, distracted or careless to make powerful choices and decisions now, we may be compelled to carry our ‘stuff’ or worse, someone else’s ‘stuff’, for the next 9 years – a heavy burden indeed… I’m not an expert in numerology but I believe that in numerology terms nine is a finishing number, it represents the end of a cycle. In this case, 2016 is a year for completion, healing, nurturing, forgiving, clearing out and letting go. Unfortunately endings are often viewed negatively because we haven’t learnt the art of letting go, with many endings arriving ‘suddenly’, painfully and forcefully. But it need not be that way – often in hindsight we’ve seen it coming but chose to look the other way. When we are mindful of our power to choose and our power to decide, our power to let go kicks in and endings are embraced as opportunities for new beginnings. The more we consciously use our many individual inner strengths, the more gentle the process of letting go becomes, as we consciously learn to flow with the law of change.

Change is the only constant in life, so we better get used to it. White-knuckling it through life is hardly inspirational, let alone joyful. When we use our power to accept the Law of Change we can use our power to accept and face any changes that come our way, as the wheel of life continues to silently turn. And it will keep turning. It will keep moving. Learning to roll with it prevents us from being run over or left behind. Resistance causes pain and refusing to let go stunts our growth, it suffocates us because it keeps us boxed in. Seeing life as an adventure rather than a fearful duty allows us to engage our many other inner powers so we can travel light. No-one wants to be bogged down by emotional stuff yet few willingly look at their ‘stuff’ as a means to heal and let go. Most cling on so tight, that is, until the law of change forces their hand and catapults them out of their comfort zone. Letting go of expectation is helpful here because expectation leads to disappointment and disappointment leads to pain and the inability to let go… Expectations of myself – ‘I should’; expectations of others – ‘they should’. Expectation is intermingled with validation – in other words, let go of control and watch expectation melt away. When we allow ourselves to let go of the heavy burden of expectation and certainly control, traveling light is instantaneous, as we create and weave our individual magic throughout this intricate pattern called life.  Letting go allows us to be true to ourselves, automatically giving others permission to do the same. What a wonderful way of bringing positive change the world :)

You know, in a garden every flower is unique – complete with it’s own blueprint of fragrance, beauty and colour. Take the humble sunflower for example – a sunflower in full bloom is magnificently simple and when the cycle of blooming is finished, the seeds fall to the ground and lay dormant – that is until next spring when they will grow and bloom all over again. No force. No resistance. No expectation. Just flowing and growing within the cycles… In the garden of life every person is also unique – each born complete with their own blueprint of spiritual power and human experiences. Each a caretaker of their own little ‘patch’ in life. Each doing their best within the rhythm of their own cycles (and the constant change flowing all around them). Some cycles we are happy to repeat and some we are compelled to repeat… When we learn to let go and flow, we live through choice rather than compulsion – expectation becomes acceptance, blame becomes self-responsible, dependence becomes freedom and endings become new possibilities so that life can be light, playful and filled with joy – as it is meant to be.

One of my clients recently told me that ‘her rage serves her well’. How is that possible? Anger left to fester becomes rage and rage creates illness of body, mind and soul! If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will know that rage causes pain – not only for the person hanging onto it but for those around them. But until we stop looking the other way, all the while pointing the finger and judging others, until we are willing to own it, we cannot heal or let go. We will justify and judge as we remain in our comfort zone of victimisation. Hence, the more we reconnect with our inner self to really get to know who we really are, the less we need to use anger, blame or shame to ‘protect’ us and the more open we become to change, growth and letting go. 

So may you each use your powers of courage, of discernment, of love, of tolerance, of forgiveness, of patience and appreciation (just to name a few) – to help you let go of the things that no longer serve you. And may you give yourself permission to see through new eyes in 2017 to start a fresh, self-empowered chapter in the new year and as part of the new 9 year cycle.

Question:  Do I focus on the beauty and the little things in life, allowing me to flow and let go?  Or do I insist on hanging on and miss important information, while blaming or judging others?

Consideration:  Why do I insist on seeing life through my own filters of self-deceit? Why won’t I let myself be true to me?

Action:  Start each day practicing being grateful for at least one thing in your life (no matter how small). Use that ONE thing to motivate and discipline yourself throughout that day. Write it down as a reminder… You can use sticky notes on your doors and walls, colourful whiteboard markers on your mirrors and windows, ‘abc’ magnets on your fridge – be creative. Reminding ourselves on a daily basis about all the good in life is a simple stepping stone, to help us once again SEE and appreciate without the need to be prompted… Freedom is a paradox – in order to experience freedom from any bondage of the mind, discipline is absolutely essential.

Love and light – see you in 2017 – Annemarie :)


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