Power to Choose – Part 2…

Hi EveryOne,

Hope you’re all doing well and that practicing this Power is giving you some insight on the value behind this wonderful quality. I’m aware that many people in the world believe that we don’t have free will – to an extent this is certainly true. However, when we understand when and where we lose that choice, it can help us reclaim not only our power but maintain our inner freedom!

Let me clarify what I meant by – “choice may not always be easy but we ALWAYS have choice” – as mentioned in part 1 of this wonderful Power… When we understand that we each come with many Virtues (individual strengths / specialities / innate qualities) that we are each born with, we then have choice. Putting these strengths into practice is a must if I am to, open up my many other choices in life… It’s only when I choose NOT to apply them, that my weaknesses come to the forefront and therein lose my freewill. A chain reaction is set in motion, as I start to react to life and allow compulsion to drive my behaviour. To forfeit this Power means to lose my ability to make and take decisions – I lose my free will and I lose my will power – as my options in life are drastically reduced. Now with a limited view of life, I’m left in a place of repetitive sabotage, reinforcing my belief that ‘I have NO choice!’… Once I understand and work with these dynamics, I become aware that doing life hard or easy is therefore a choice!… It has nothing to do with anyone else but everything to do with me using my unique specialities… Use it or lose it, no use me pointing the finger of blame elsewhere.

These Virtues / Powers must be applied on a daily basis, if I am to remain positive and respond in a powerful, uplifting and life-giving way. When I practice this daily, not only do I stop sabotaging myself but I stop sabotaging others… Realizing that success is my birthright enables me to help others to succeed and allows me to be genuinely happy for their success :)

Questions to churn on:

– Do I practice at least one of my Virtues every day?

– Where might I sabotage myself and/or others?

– Am I genuinely happy for the success of others or do I quietly experience jealousy?

Paying attention to my bodily responses (anxiety, anger, erratic breathing, talking fast, frustration, anguish, exhaustion, etc…) can instantly show me whether or not I am applying my Virtues / Powers / Strengths. Checking myself, helps me to gauge whether I am responding powerfully to any person or situation (even remaining silent is powerful) or whether I am reacting in a disempowering way…. It never has anything to do with others – I attract those into my life to help me recognize what I need to change within (what is being triggered inside that no longer serves me). They are simply confirming what I already believe about myself.

Looking forward to receiving your contributions and once again thank you to those who have already responded :)

Create a fantastic week… Lots of love Annemarie

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