Power to be Considerate – Part 2…


Getting knocked down in life is a given.

Getting up and moving forward is a choice

Zig Ziglar

Hi EveryOne,

It’s that time of month again for me to check in with you, to see how this power is serving you.   Are you feeling the love as you practice this power? What’s your experience so far?

This week has been a week of ‘checking and changing’ for me – I had to keep a close vigil on the thoughts I was creating by keeping a tight lid on old beliefs that were trying to creep back in. It wasn’t about suppression, but rather, to use my power to discern – to recognise (check) and then transform something within me (change) – to remain considerate of my own needs while regarding those of others. It’s been a busy few weeks with much movement – cleaning and clearing, packing and moving, traveling and working in with others, managing teams while surrendering and embracing. It was the end of some chapters while simultaneously starting new ones… A time to slow down and consider the different consequences relating to some thoughts I was starting to entertain and realised very quickly the waste in it. So as usual, I got out of my own way :)

On arriving back in Townsville last week, I was once again knocked off my feet by a flare but was aware I needed to practice my powers to be mindful, to withdraw, to pack up as well as this one, to be considerate. My own needs were demanding it – a blessing really. So not getting annoyed with myself or allowing myself to get overwhelmed by the many things I had yet to prepare for the launching of my next book, has been fundamental. I breathed through many emotional waves of anxiety, of pain, of stress. Our power to discern also came in very handy, as we almost became a phishing victim on carsales.com.au. Still, I’m in a good place, my mind is happy and my body is appreciating the down time. So I’ve fallen behind a bit, so what, I know I will always find a way to catch up – some benefits of working for myself :)

I decided to do something constructive while being horizontal. I wrote up another mind-map to give me another starting point and keep me on track over the next few months (keeping a mind-map was extremely helpful in getting my book to printing stage). Besides, I knew that giving in to frustration would serve no-one – least of all me :)

Questions to churn on:

– Do I let waste thoughts set my day or do I practice letting them go and considering any benefit?

– Do I let scammers upset my day or do I consider the valuable lesson and move on?…

– Do I remain considerate of my own needs at times when life is a little more demanding or do I revert back to old habits and beliefs?…


Regular consideration (mindfulness or soul consciousness) keeps me considerate – of my own needs, of the needs of others and of my environment. Getting caught up in anxiety or frustration or depression or people-pleasing, is unhealthy for everyone concerned and only serves to hold us all back. And when I let passion drive me, I can easily become a thorn in someone else’s side (must keep my power of enthusiasm close at hand).

So no more playing small! To be considerate means I utilise all I have, happy to share all my inner resources for any mission and goal in life, without dismissing the importance of the roles or qualities of others. It’s time for us to accept and contribute our own strengths so others feel enabled to use theirs, as we all become part of a bigger solution.

Look forward to hearing your stories.

Much love, Annemarie

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