Power to be Calm- Part 3…

Hi EveryOne,

Hope you are all doing well as we enter the 3rd month of the year already – wow where does the time go. Any wonder stress, anger, anxiety and depression are peaking all over the world – good thing we have our individual powers (I would be lost if I wasn’t aware of them). You know, so many souls are truly lost and struggling all over the world… So even with all the pain I experience in my body these days (and the many different sorrows I’ve experienced throughout my life) I still remain happy in my mind… I know who I am (a Soul), I know my purpose and I know where I’m going – I can’t ask for more than that :) I don’t feel sorry for myself – that’s a waste of time – instead I count my blessings and send love and good wishes to the rest of the world.

My powers help me work through this amazing maze of life, often turning the impossible into the possible – as the saying goes – everything is impossible until someone does it! So never think ‘I can’t….’ Never think ‘Why me?’… And never quit!

I hope you are making the most of your Power of Calm and feel fortunate just knowing you have these strengths within you. I trust you have added it to your tool belt of life, as have I. I find that my powers – by simply remembering the word, in this case, ’calm’ – instantly helps reduce any potential stress :)

Thank you for your contributions, some fantastic stories as always :)

– Some struggled with this power, allowing others to affect them. Some blamed others for losing their calm……………. (Wonderful recognition, simply remember, no-one can upset me without my permission… No-one can take your power without you handing it over to them :)

– Some found this power wonderful and practical – keeping them focussed – recognising it takes effort to put into practice but realise the value………………. (Wonderful :)

– For some this Power has been their ‘saviour’ in the month of Feb ……… (So glad to hear)
Using meditation and noticing it to be an important tool to connect with ‘quiet place within’…………. (Fantastic!)

– Many were ‘challenged’ by this Power (different to struggling) by different situations and people as triggers……………………… (What a fortune! Remember we all get ‘tested’ to see how well we are going in our own progress. These situations come when we rise to the challenge, so see it as an opportunity to show others the way, not as a ‘test’)

– Some other powers were employed – Detachment, ‘Facing’, ‘Withdrawing’, Flexibility, Tolerance – to stay calm………………… (Wonderful, this is how we get better at knowing which power to use when, i.e… no good using Power to Withdraw at a time when I need to use my Power to Face and vice versa :)

– Many felt appreciative of my sharing of ‘my own’ ups and downs, to keep it real for them ……………. (Thank you, I find self empowerment starts with honesty starts with self :)

– Some made the effort of ‘churning’ the questions ……………… (This is great because how do we really get to know ourselves, if we don’t ask ourselves these sometimes uncomfortable questions :)
– Staying calm in heated situations but unsure if transformed situation………. (When we are able to stay calm instead of getting drawn in, always transforms something – no matter how small – even if it’s only my attitude towards others. Never underestimate your own efforts – fantastic!)

– Allowing self to be bullied by others – felt ‘calm on outside’ but ‘flat bottle of lemonade inside’ ………….. (Wow, so honest, well done for recognising the ‘illusion’ of calm – we can so easily wear a mask but our inner environment will show us truth, so well done! – Hang in there!)

– Recognition of thoughts leading to stress, able to stop and talk to self – works often……………….. (Thank you, this is a great reminder for all of us :)

– Remembrance of knowing we can’t control behaviour of others helps in remaining calm………….. (Wonderful!!!)

Here’s the serenity prayer someone sent in – maybe it will help somewhat for those struggling :)

— Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference —

Happy March, Much Love Annemarie
ps I forgot Feb was a short month, so will send next power tomorrow or Wednesday, but you will love it :)

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