Power to be Present (Revision) – part 3

Hi EveryOne,

This may come as a shock for you but after much consideration (and doctors orders) I’ve come to the difficult decision to end this group. This will be our last Power. And though I absolutely love this group it does take an enormous amount of time and energy each month to keep it going (neither of which I have a lot of at present). So after four years it’s time for me to ‘empty my plate’ and allow each of us to fly on our own :) I will still be available for Skype chats etc and do hope you will keep in touch from time to time, to let me know how you are going. For now I need to focus on healing me while I slowly put the energy necessary to work towards a healing / meditation centre here in Childers…

Thank you to those who diligently contributed each month – what you put into your own self transformation is what you will get out of it – I have no doubt that you will certainly reap the benefits :)

Thank you also to those who regularly projected outward (challenging me to continually check myself) you helped make this decision a little easier. I wish you well and hope one day you will find what you are looking for…

Here are your final contributions (thank you!)…

– Some feel that “these forums aid to maintain focus” and “help stay on track”…… (Yes, I always gained lots of benefit too)

Some are “freeing themselves” through this study ……… (Fantastic – keep shining)

“Strengthened their relationship with God” has been possible through this practice ……….. (Wonderful)

Some realised by “being a scapegoat” or “people-pleaser” or “rescuer” or “carrying low self esteem” was “affecting their health and life” and “unable to stay present” …………. (Wow, how fantastic, well done!)

Ability to “turn inward” to “look inside” to be their true self…….. (LOVE it!)

– Many found this Power a “good reminder” to “stay present” whether at work, at home, out with friends etc…..

Some loved this power while others struggled with it …………… (remember, it’s just a case of regularly stopping and breathing and ‘smelling the roses’)

– “Mindfulness while cooking, washing, cleaning etc helps everyone” ……………. (Yes, we call it Soul Conscious :)

– ‘Where am I? HERE… What time is it? NOW………….. (Yes, indeed :)

So there you have it – thank you everyone… I will continue with my monthly WonderFull Living Newsletter so if you’re not on that list and wish to be, please let me know and I will happily put your name on it.  I hope to have a little more room now to regularly post inspirational quotes etc on my blog and Facebook page so be sure to visit them from time to time and remember to ‘like’ it to show your support, ok :)

I’d like to leave you with this thought… Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today – because what if tomorrow didn’t come – would you leave this earth happy with what you’ve done? May you all fly lightly and freely, above the world of noise and chaos.

Much love, Annemarie

Oh ps. To keep you going for October, I drew one final Power – Power of Compassion :)

Here are the links from our previous study about Compassion.





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