Power to Pack Up (Revision) – part 3

Hi Everyone,

Power to Pack Up – haha – we are literally packing up today as we get ready to leave Kinka Beach tomorrow and head down to Brisbane for a couple of weeks. Our situation changed within a matter of hours (once we decided that we deserved better). And when we show courage to close one door another door must and always will open… Col starts work in Brisbane on Monday (just for a week for now) so it will be a bit of a rush. Though apparently that’s ‘our thing’ – we’re often told that we’ve never done things in halves or shied away from a challenge – I guess I will take that as a compliment :)

So to briefly share how I used MANY recent challenging situations to help me strengthen this power – was to identify those who were challenging us, as instruments to simply test our resolve… And though it’s been rather yucky, we know it was not personal! Not personalising the behaviour of others (no matter how dishonest) prevents us from becoming victims of circumstance or of someone else’s web. Furthermore it stops us from hanging onto wasteful stuff like fear or anger or wanting justice or even justifying retaliation. Instead, it allows us to accept (Power to Tolerate) and let go (Power to Pack Up) of what we can’t control or change – but to learn and to move on. This simple (yet often difficult) act stops us from getting sucked into the negative vacuums of how others choose to live. We can always find something or someone to blame our lack of moving forward, on. Or we can just be grateful for the lesson and even grateful to those Souls who were instrumental in making us check ourselves. That’s using our various Powers :)

Here are your contributions…

Most still find this power difficult due to unable to ‘let go’. ‘Carrying the past – if only or I should /could /would’; ‘Carrying lots of fear’; ‘Worrying about – what if’; And carrying that all elusive ‘guilt’………………. (You are not alone in this but remember that we must learn to apply a firm brake because when we struggle letting go of anything, it’s because we feel we’re losing control)

  • Some are finding this power is ‘getting a little better’ each time it’s used (but still ‘fall into old habits of hanging onto stuff’ …………………….. (Fantastic, one step at a time)
  • Some recognised and accepted that they’re the ones hanging on – that it has ‘nothing to do with others’ ………………….. (Wow, great recognition, well done!)
  • Some use prayer to help them ‘pack up’ ………….. (Fantastic, whatever works :)
  • Most find the remembering of applying this Power the biggest challenge ……………… (Yep, definitely not alone here, I too still forget, so just keep going :)
  • Most are at least becoming aware of their own negative thoughts which ‘stop them from growing and getting on with life’ ……………. (That’s so wonderful because change starts with recognising that I need to change the way I think – keep up the amazing self transformation, one baby step at a time).
  • Some like this ‘the more they apply it’…………….. (Awesome!!! That’s my experience too :)
  • Realisation that the ‘physical storing of stuff is weighing down and keeps from being free to enjoy this time of life’ ………………… (So Wonderful!!!)
  • Some are consciously ‘clearing and cleaning out’ and ‘leaving them open’ and ‘not filling up with something else’ ……………… (Love this! Yes, it’s very tempting to fill up with something else, well done!)
  • Most are enjoying the quotes as a different way to understand our individual powers ……………. (It’s time consuming but worth it if you’re getting benefit – so thank you :)
  • Several were grateful for the simple reminder ……….. (You’re absolutely welcome, I too need the reminding so it serves all of us :)

I will be on the road next couple of days but will do my best to get the next Power to you.

Happy Thursday, lots of love Annemarie x

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