Power to Pack Up – Revision

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So here we are half way through the year as I Pack Up our last few needed possessions while letting go of the rest – our timing serves as a great metaphor for our next Power and about traveling light :) As we transition back to living in the caravan (Col is already in Rockhampton while I finish up here in Coral Cove) it’s been a mixed bag of bitter/sweet emotions and feelings. So to stay calm and in control as opposed to letting my emotions drive my behaviour, I’ve been using this Power a great deal (as well as Facing and Withdrawing and Tolerating and SILENCE :)  Exercising my powers prevents me from personalising any situation (victimising myself) or getting sucked into petty arguments or the stress of co-ordinating several different situations at once or focusing on the extra pain in my joints and muscles with all the extra cleaning and packing. This Power is incredibly inclusive in that it doesn’t matter what situation – ‘packing up’ any irrational thoughts prevents emotional and disempowered reactions – benefiting everyone! Letting go of anger or control or sadness or frustration or fear or blame or martyrdom or arrogance or subservience is equally important as letting go of unnecessary accumulated belongings, that we no longer need. This power makes all this absolutely possible, hence another one of my favourites (though it used to be one of my least favorited as I had to do a lot of work :)

Our 6th Master Power – Power to Pack Up – Revision





1. Create the habit of paying attention. The more attention on packing up and getting rid of any waste thoughts, the less time and energy is wasted in negative actions and reactions – stopping us from creating disempowering habits.

2. The past is not a place we can visit except in our mind. Let it go – it’s a waste of precious time!

3. Each time you catch yourself creating a wasteful thought, instantly pack it up – do NOT put it into action or risk creating a negative habit. Over time this becomes a positive manageable habit that will save you on a variety of levels.

Questions to churn:

1. How much do I deny or hang on to ‘stuff’ in life?

2.  Why do I have trouble accepting or letting go of people or situations?

3. Why do I keep revisiting the past?

Applying a firm brake (to apply a full-stop, to pack up, to let go) whenever necessary helps in breaking unhealthy habits and prevents us from getting caught up… I’m more determined than ever to apply my powers because I now know it’s about applying truth. It’s about facing my own ‘stuff’ so I can get over it and get on with it – no more ‘reasons’ – just powerful action. Only I am responsible for how I feel. Clinging to attachments or rushing past today, leaves no power RIGHT NOW to take any empowered steps toward my own visions and dreams. Packing Up allows me to let go of control and any assumptions and judgements about what may or may not be transpiring. It’s all too easy to go off on a tangent about what someone else should or should not be doing. Instead the more attention I pay to my own inner environment the easier it is for me to Pack Up any rubbish clearing valuable space for what really matters – living and loving and laughing :)

Lots of love Annemarie

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