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News Flash… Our Goal! We have found a house (to rent for now) in Burrum Heads Qld where we will be able to run a small meditation & healing centre from. We plan to offer weekly meditation as well as a variety of monthly self empowerment programs. We have a couple of spare bedrooms so are able to accommodate those traveling further distances, overnight – though space is limited so it will be on a first in basis. As Brahma Kumaris, we will offer some programs free of charge (though donations are accepted to help with running costs). As a professional Health and Wellbeing Consultant, some programs will have a small cost. If you would like regular notification of our programs once we are organised, please let me know and I will place you on our email list. If you know of anyone in the Hervey Bay / Bundaberg area who may be interested, feel free to forward them my details. Looking forward to stay connected in 2017 :)

Keep your eye on the prize in 2017!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to start turning dreams and ideas into goals – a typical reason why ‘new year resolutions’ are so popular. Unfortunately for many, their resolve is broken within the first week, with 90% of resolutions left by the way-side within the first 3 months. This rather common phenomena is due to not having clear goals and not having an action plan that prevents negative habits to creep back in. Not only does this start the downslide to our positive attitude we entered the new year with, but it shatters our confidence and feeds an underlying belief that ‘I can’t do it, I’m a failure’. So let 2017 be different for you – change something, do something different! Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result, gets us nowhere fast because it keeps us spinning in our own tracks. What’s more, repetitively not finishing what we start creates nothing more than a growing dissatisfaction with ourselves (though frequently blamed on others) as strongly evidenced in the world today. Instead, know that you have a right to be happy and take the time to work out what your goals really are – why? Because you are worth it! Do NOT try to live the goals of others – and have a clear plan that you can stick to! By the way, failure does not mean having a go and not succeeding, it means to not really try (to quit at the first hurdle). And FYI the difference between a goal and a dream is that a goal is realistic, attainable, and timely – accompanied by a practical action plan to keep us on track. If we have unrealistic expectations and only wish something to be so, a dream will remain a dream. So work out what’s realistically attainable and what is not. Don’t waste time on what you can’t commit to now (don’t dismiss it, just put it aside while you focus on what is doable NOW) these other dreams may very well become goals, down the road :)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming. After all, many great success stories started out as dreams (I’ve been called a ‘dreamer’ most of my life, which I now see as a blessing). In fact, dreaming and planning (having some kind of aim) is an essential part of living and growing – a child without a dream becomes an adult without a purpose, aimlessly wandering through life – bored and unsatisfied. Dreams prevent us from becoming complacent, unmotivated, resentful and cynical. Dreams drive us forward and can absolutely help reduce stress, anxiety and depression! But to realise our dreams it’s important to know our purpose and to know our purpose, we must get to know ourselves – to understand our values as not to compromise ourselves (or others) along the way. To realise our dreams we must accept that it takes work and that we need to commit to the task – and from my experience, it’s definitely worth it. Imagine a diamond – it may take some friction (tests in life) to clean it up but the more I continue to polish it, the more the sparkle is revealed. So in order to kill off any unwanted, disempowering habit that holds us back or pulls us back at the first weak moment, we must pay close attention to our own attitude while keeping our focus clearly on our goal. We must keep a vigilant eye on the prize!

You know, although I’ve ‘served’ others for most of my adult life, I was well into my forties before I really understood my purpose – help others reclaim their own spiritual power. Then a few more years to work out how to do that successfully. So don’t despair – if you dread rocking up at work each day or resent the people in your life, or are unhappy with where you live, or only see tedium in what you do, or fear facing the morning, then your purpose has not yet been revealed to you. Just know and trust that everything and everyone has a purpose, we each have an important role to play, no matter how big or small – the world could not exist without our parts in it. Somewhere, sometime it will become clear to each individual – and there are some things we can do to help ourselves along smoother with less resistance from the world. Honest self reflection, contemplation, realisation, acceptance and then positive action may be difficult for many but it is essential to get us out of the mud and to keep us moving. Exercising our many individual strengths like courage and determination will make this process so much easier (we each have many virtues though most forget or deny that they own them). To instantly act on a realisation is also essential, otherwise the energy afforded us in that realisation diminishes. And the the longer we procrastinate the more difficult change becomes. Now stop procrastinating and just get on with it :)

Question: Do I give myself permission to attain my dreams? If not, why not?

Consideration: What’s holding me back?

Action: Write down your dreams and reflect on which are realistically attainable now (within say 3 months – short term goals). Focus only on the ones that are doable now (which sets apart your dreams from goals). Also write down your strengths and weaknesses – accept your weakness then focus only on your strengths. Set a doable action plan (stepping stones) and ensure you do something practical towards that plan, every single day. Tick your action for the day to show yourself your achievement – this exercise gives you confidence and energy to keep going.

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Love Annemarie

ps. Want to learn how to successfully do Goal Setting and Action Planning from the comfort of your own home, to set yourself up for a wonderful year ahead? My Reclaiming Your Power program at http://reclaimingpower.com.au/ covers all of this + more. It’s online and it’s only $97 – a small investment to get your life on track and stay on track (with email and Skype support from me). Mental note – commitment on your part is essential to succeed….. To those who are enjoying amazing results from applying this program into your lives, congratulations – I’m so happy for you… To those who paid for the program last year but didn’t follow through, it’s not too late. Contact me when you are ready to commit and I will support you – you are not alone :)

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