How to Heal the World’s Energy Crisis.

How do you heal the world’s energy crisis? Two words – Self Transformation… Through changing ourselves inch by inch we can certainly start making a difference in the world. Yet so often I hear ‘who am I to make a difference’?… Well let me tell you – you are a Soul – a Being of Energy. It is You the Soul that makes your body move (spiritual energy and physical energy working together, as one cannot survive without the other). And simply remembering that you are a Soul first and foremost, you are already making a difference because your mindset will change and this will show up in your attitude towards life…

Sadly the more we forget ourselves as energetic, spiritual beings, the more we start to ‘take it out’ on our environment. Our natural nature is to love and create BUT human nature is to fear and destroy. So not only are we destroying ourselves, we are destroying and depleting Mother Earth’s natural resources in the process, simply because we have forgotten who we are and how to use our own energy efficiently. We take life for granted, we waste and squander our internal energy, we bring ourselves to crisis point and blame someone else. If you don’t believe me than let me ask you this… How many lines weigh down your forehead? How often do you frown and feel heavy in your life? How regularly do you get angry or irritated, judgy or disappointed, moody or sulky? Do you blame? Do you carry guilt or shame, deny or project? Do you allow yourself to get caught up in abuse of energy? (relationships are simply an exchange of energy, when we take negative energy or give negative energy, we contribute to the accumulated violence in the world). How much do you worry and stress about ‘stuff’ and create wasteful thoughts about the million and one things you cannot control? We point the finger of blame away from ourselves, thus cannot see the culprits (our self-created thoughts). Have you ever said ‘why me’? Have you ever indulged in ‘it’s not fair’ or ‘it’s not me, it’s…. ’ or ‘everyone does it’, or’ I would if I could’… If you said yes to any of these you are contributing to the world energy crisis. We waste our inner most powerful resources then say ‘it’s not my fault’.

Thought is energy. Our attitudes are made up of energy. Give our thoughts enough energy and they will spill out into the world through our words and actions – both positive and negative. Unfortunately the force of negative tends to be stronger and our external world is proof. So keep this in mind when working on yourself – you manifest what you most think about – so practice positive mindfulness over negative reactiveness. We can stop being part of a world that is driven by violence (yes anger is just one level of violence). Stop letting the perpetrators win! Stop being a victim – or a perpetrator! You know, there will always be bullies but that gives us no right to become one – the oppressed cannot justify becoming the oppressor, but it happens, quite commonly in fact. There’s a lot of truth in the saying “hurt people, hurt people”. If we don’t heal ourselves we will inadvertently hurt someone else… I’ve been bullied and betrayed throughout my life (and I know there were times where I perpetuated the ‘cycle of violence’ by justifying anger in retaliation). No anger, no violence is ever justified – no-one can make us feel what we don’t want to feel without our permission… But we do – so we retaliate and justify ‘payback’ or worse, we unintentionally hurt others. To heal the world’s energy crisis we must learn to face our own shortcomings with love, as a means to transform them.

I AM 100% responsible for my life and you are 100% responsible for yours – I personally find this rather liberating. So let us own it and let us change it. Let us no longer be victims of our own negative perpetuating cycles (that’s not to minimise past painful experiences). On the contrary, let us use our past, lets learn and grow from our past, let us then change our present and future! Lets stop reacting and stop giving our power away. You know, in a world where we can connect with someone on the other side of the globe in a second, lets stop all the disconnectedness and heal the many illnesses that stem from this way of life (the consequences). Yes, we each have a part in it but lets stop beating up on others, lets stop beating up on ourselves and lets truly start working from the basis of love – our natural nature… And yes, it takes practice – so every single day have the aim to transform yourself (don’t wait for others to change). This is how we can take the reins of our life back, this is how we can make a difference, this is how we can heal the world’s energy crisis and contribute to world transformation. One person, then another, and another, will eventually lead us to world peace :)

Question: Where do I contribute to violence in the world? (Remember there are many levels of violence. We see physical violence and pain but emotional and mental violence can scar us much deeper) so honesty is key here.

Consideration: How can I behave next time if that situation arises? How can I respond positively rather than react negatively.

Action: Give yourself permission to stop and breathe before responding to any disempowering situation. Self Transformation starts in the mind so regularly throughout the day check your thoughts in order to change them. For example, violence starts with an angry or justified thought, to not check and change them but to allow them to pick up momentum, will lead you to lose control. When you are in control over your own attitude you are powerful but when you lose control you have no power – you are disempowered! Disempowerment often leads to compulsively bad behaviour

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