Facing the Right Direction

Hi Everyone,

Are you facing the right direction? A provocative question in provocative times. As existence on this planet becomes more fearful and people everywhere are experiencing more darkness in their lives, ask yourself, which way am I facing? Am I facing the right way? Or am I facing the wrong way?… As Buddha once said “if we are facing in the right direction all we have to do is keep walking”.

As a Brahma Kumaris we aim to create a bit of peace wherever we go and facing the right direction is just one way to bring this about. Through daily effort we train ourselves to stay uncomplicated, unaffected and light – particularly in the realm of human emotions – which easily spin us out of control, if given permission. We take steps every day to live in self awareness as much as possible, so we can be in command of our own responses (and own destiny). Though this takes an enormous amount of discipline, love and patience (and even if we only get it right some of the time) the ‘rewards’ are absolutely worth the effort :) Experiencing moments of inner peace and unconditional love – even in small measures – gives us the power to commit and drives us to keep going. Our way to bring light into the world is to transform ourselves, daily! This is why we meditate and study a spiritual class each morning. We simply pick one point from that class to consider, to play with, to practice, to imbibe throughout our day – to change ourselves from the inside, out. This enables me to regularly check-in with myself to see which direction I am facing. Do I hone in on negatives, creating vibrations that amplify what I see? Or do I see the beauty that becomes evident in my actions? This is not to ignore or deny or minimise adversity, on the contrary. It means to see but not buy into it. Because when we buy someone else’s rubbish, we make it our own and we pay for it with our own peace of mind. Worse still, now that we ‘own’ it, we’ve allowed it to completely spin us around. Now facing the wrong direction, we turn our backs to our goals. When we deceive ourselves in this way we make our lives just that little bit more complicated.

You know, we each have a right to succeed in life but we must find our own way, no-one can tell us what that success should look like. That’s not to say that we can’t accept support, of course we can. The important thing to remember is to check our direction. Sure, it’s easier to turn the other way and blame others for our failure, but there’s no joy in that. When we focus on the many shadows in life our inner light becomes a mere flicker – nevertheless it always shines! So we have a choice… Do we consciously nurture our inner flame with love and individual effort, or do we deny it attention and continue to struggle in life?! I’m not saying that you have to get up at 3.30am for meditation and study a class every morning – that’s entirely by choice. What I am saying is – whatever we pay attention to, that is what will grow… When we focus on what we don’t want, we are facing the wrong way! So ask yourself right now, am I facing the the right direction? Am I facing the way that I want to go? You see, when we accept that our own thoughts, words and actions (our attitude) has brought us to where we are today, we may just stop resisting or conforming. When we stop trying to fit into someone else’s mould of us, we may just let go of expectations – and we may just stand a chance to not only survive in this crazy, beautiful world – but to thrive, despite of it :)

So if you’ve had enough of looking at shadows, simply turn around and face the sun. Facing the way we want to be going, is the first step. The next step – is to simply take another step. And another step. And another step! When we choose to face the sun we stop fighting everyone and everything – and life must change for the better – it’s the Law of Change. That’s life!

Question: Which direction am I facing? Am I facing in the direction that I want to go?

Consideration: How might I be able to use my inner qualities (virtues) to face the right direction and make things happen in my life?

Action: Consistently remind yourself of what you have, of what you want and of where you want to go. A gratitude journal is helpful here… Do NOT, I repeat. Do NOT obsess over what you don’t have, don’t want and don’t want to be. Focusing on what you want helps turn your face in that direction. Then each day, take one practical step towards your ‘vision’ (do something positive that’s physical in nature). In other words, don’t just think about it, DO something about it – taking one small step is all it takes).

So happy greetings from our new home at Burrum River. We have settled back into our van, on a 50 acre property – and loving it! The other day Col smiled and said to me ‘this is what you’ve been ‘seeing’ isn’t it? This is what you’ve manifested’… Facing the right direction has kept my vision clear and saw me through a lot of challenges :)

ps. Thank you to those who have liked our new Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Resoulutions4Life. Work has been a little slow taking off but that’s ok, I know in my heart this is where we need to be (for now) :) I’ve had to manage severe fatigue and several flares, thus I’m paying attention and am enjoying nurturing myself :)

pps. I look forward to seeing some of you around the place as I am starting to organise talks, programs and workshops again (I’ll be in Leura weekend of 20-22 Oct – yay).

Lots of love Annemarie

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