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Hi my name is Annemarie De Seriere and I enjoy a variety of roles in my life…  As a natural therapist and holistic wellbeing consultant, I love to help individuals reclaim their power. I enjoy assisting workplaces in creating safe and calmer environments, that demonstrate self worth and self care – while increasing productivity.  I am an author and independent publisher, a presenter and facilitator, a clinical hypnotherapist, a meditation practitioner and …  I love life :)


I founded Resoulutions 4 life in 2006 to offer natural pain relief, after working for over a decade in disability services, aged care and palliative care. I have a deep interest in human behaviour and find that self transformation inspires my love for life, enabling me to help others find meaning and healing in theirs.


I come from a large family and I’m a mother of two amazing children (well their not children any more). I have a life-partner of 18 years and it’s our spiritual lifestyle that has helped us grow, together and individually. I have traveled broadly in my life and lived a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle for the past 6 years. We traveled Australia, offering outreach programs to different communities and groups – looking for peace, empowerment and alternative relief from stress, anxiety, depression and pain. In early 2017 we based ourselves in beautiful Burrum River (just North of Hervey Bay in Queensland).


For a better quality of life, I manage and heal my own chronic pain with a range of natural therapies. Conscious Living or ‘Holistic’ living is my ‘medication’. Incorporating meditation, a positive attitude, a high alkaline diet, vegetarianism, self-massage, breathing and gentle exercise such as qi gong and meridian yoga, etc. I share from my heart and from personal experiences. I love to learn and love to share what I continue to learn about holistic wellbeing. My aim each day is to live spiritually and by example. I’m a big believer and promoter of all things ‘self’ – as a means to serve others…  Self Awareness.  Self Love.  Self Care.  Self Respect.  Self Motivation.  Self Discipline.  Self Accountability.  Self Transformation :)   As a student of life I seek to change the world through constantly changing myself. I practice (and teach) Raja Yoga Meditation to balance our inner world with our outer world – sustaining healthy, happy relationships.


The intention of this blog is to serve as a sacred space for reconnecting with our individual power. I invite you to join me on this journey – this lifestyle – of continual self discovery.


Travel Light, Annemarie :)